68 and counting

In truth, I’ve pretty much stopped counting. Celebrating that date of one’s birth seems… arbitrary. If one had a big party on August 10th for fifty years and then discovered there had been a mix-up on the birth certificate and you were born on August 11th… what? See? Arbitrary. But a party is a party, if that’s your thing. I really don’t need much of an excuse to drink too many beers. But, like January 1, it’s a good benchmark. For some, a day to look back. Or ahead. But I’m doing less of that these days, so… let’s just say I’m happy to be here.

“Individual humans are merely temporary forms taken by the single, shifting web of life on earth. If humans are not really separate things, then their births and deaths are also not real, but simply one way of seeing the rhythms of life.” (Immortality by Stephen Cave) More excerpts »

And you can put those blunt-nosed scissors, the construction paper and that little jar of paste back in your desk. I took the liberty of making my own birthday card.

Audio-Visual Day

Technology provides the hash marks to our lives. When I was in the 4th grade (1957) we did the thing where fathers came to school to talk about their jobs. My mom worked just as hard as my pop but this was the 50s, so…

My old man brought a reel-to-reel tape recorder and everyone got to record — and listen to — themselves saying their name or something. Very cool. I’m guessing it was the first time many of my classmates had heard a recording of their voices.

VHS video recorder/players didn’t hit the consumer market until the early 70s. So when a teacher was too hung over or depressed to teach a class they rolled in the audio-video gear which, in my youth, was a film-strip projector. And I guess we thought that was cool technology.

How long before the hologram teacher instructs the class to strap on their VR goggles cause we’re touring the International Space Station this morning.