60 million radio stations

It was almost 40 years ago I got my first taste of being “on the radio.” It as a very little pond but I was happy fish. This morning I’ve been reflecting on what I found so appealing about the job.

It was easy to convince yourself a lot of people were listening to you. Very ego gratifying. Looking back, they were probably waiting for me to STFU so they could hear the next song/newscast/weather report/school lunch menu/etc. I marvel at the freedom we had in this regard.

Of all the things we got to do on the radio, playing music was probably most satisfying. We all think we have great taste in music and the audience will be delighted with our selections (and witty introductions).

I think that must be a rare thing in today’s radio, picking the music. Except in the smallest markets, those decisions are made far away by a corporate program director. I could be wrong about this. It’s been a long time since I was in a radio station.

This all came back to me as I looked at my Pandora profile page. It shows the songs and artists I’ve bookmarked as favorites. And the list of “stations” I have created. I have four so far:

smays.com radio
Pomplamoose Radio
Al Green Radio
Bob Marley Radio

You “seed” each station with a song or artist and Pandora streams similar songs which I thumbs up or down.

smays.com has a Brandi Carlile feel. You’ll hear more female ballads on this station. Pomplamoose is a bit more up-tempo and if you don’t know who Al Green and Bob Marley are, you are dead to me so it doesn’t matter.

I’m not certain, but I think someone could come to my profile page and listen to one of my stations. I have no idea if that has ever happened.

I’ve wondered if there are Pandora users who have such a following. Probably not. Pandora does too good a job of quickly finding songs and artists I like.

2 thoughts on “60 million radio stations

  1. Turns out I can listen to “your” stations – if you have an account on Pandora and listen to someone else’s stations, it adds the setup data to your station list. After following the links on your post, I now have on both my browser and standalone versions of Pandora “smays.com radio” and “Pomplamoose radio” (I keep entering “Pamplemoose”, which was a character in the original Curious George story. . . can you tell I have a 5-y.o.?).

    Tasty music, too. -sb

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