The photography of Matthew Howard

Matt Howard is a talented photographer in Kennett, MO (my home town). Matt’s day job is personal trainer so I guess he’s technically an amateur but certainly in the best sense of that word.

I stumbled onto Matt’s flickr page recently and was immediately taken with his haunting (for me) images of the flat, empty fields I remember growing up.

I got him on the phone for a brief (15 min) chat this afternoon during which he explained his passion for photography started with a book rather than a camera.

AUDIO: Interview with Matt Howard 15 min MP3

You can see some of Matt’s photos here and a few of his shots of the recent ice storm here. If you fall in love with one of Matt’s photographs and would like to have a nice print for your office or home, you can leave Matt a message on his flickr page or email him.

Charles Jolliff –another Kennettian with a camera– shares a few hundred photos of the ice storm damage.

One thought on “The photography of Matthew Howard

  1. A very interesting interview. Matt’s photos are simply terrific and it’s a treat to hear how he goes about making them. He’s a gifted artist. I want to check out that book he mentioned, too, “Learning to See Creatively.” Thanks.

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