Programmer responds to Lee Abrams blog post

Randy Raley calls bullshit on Lee Abram’s recent blog post (XM Sound). As a long-time jock (I still love that term) and programmer, Randy was “there” when Mr. Abrams was making his radio bones and offers a local radio perspective. In a perfect blogging world, Mr. Abrams’ blog would have his comments open and Randy could have added his. Then, Mr. Abrams could have responded. Then you have a conversation.

One thought on “Programmer responds to Lee Abrams blog post

  1. Speaking of blog interaction, check out They have a Firefox attention that seems very promising for increasing the “conversationality” of blogs. Every time you comment on a blog, you can click a button and it records that comment with a link at your coComments page. It compiles an RSS feed of your comments, in case you want to post “comments I’ve made in the blogosphere” to your own blog. When someone posts a reaction to your comment, the Firefox extension notifies you. Now, the give-and-take is barely delayed at all. A back-and-forth exchange of 5 comments, which might have taken a day or two, can be accomlished in a few minutes. It’s really, really cool.
    For example, I’ll post this comment and click a button, and my comment (once you post it) will show up on my coComments page, here: If anyone responds, I find out almost immediately.

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