XM adding seven regional news and talk channels

“XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. announced a new channel lineup Monday, expanding the number of channels by a dozen, adding several new music and news channels while deleting some others. XM will also add seven regional news and talk channels, bringing its new channel total to 176 from 164. In the fall, XM is also launching a channel with talk show host Oprah Winfrey.” — MercuryNews.com

I remember hearing about the Oprah channel but somehow missed the “regional news and talk channels” item. Uh, I think our company does regional news.

5 thoughts on “XM adding seven regional news and talk channels

  1. Bob makes a valid point. I had not done the geography on just how large a region would be. But does it seem beyond the realm of possibility that XM or Sirius could do “state” news? It would seem to be more a matter of economics than logistics.

  2. I thought I’d found a lifegroup, but I couldn’t afford the membership dues. I still don’t think satellite radio will catch on with the hoi polloi.
    Learfield does state, not regional news. I don’t think that’s semantic nitpicking; there’s a real difference. If we’re talking seven regional news and talk stations, those are some mighty big regions. If I’m listening in Madison, do I care what’s going on in Springfield or St. Paul or Jeff City? News coverage by region may seem kind of arbitrary.
    And more Oprah? Please, somebody make her stop!

  3. I can’t imagine ever being more discriminating than you.
    After reading what I wrote, two things came to mind – first, I meant to say basically that they need to choose channels more carefully, instead of adding channels, because there IS degradation.
    Second, I need to stop commenting under the influence of martinis. There’s a reason it’s called “having a bowl of loud mouth soup.”

  4. I think know Dave has more discriminating ears than I. XM still sounds pretty good to me. But “find a lifegroup?” I’m not sure what that means but it sounds like something a Big City PD might say. Or maybe a yoga instructor.

  5. My only issue with XM expanding their channel line-up is… they diminish their bandwidth on all channels each time they do that. (at least that is my understanding) I already have a hard time with the quality of their music channels – they sound like an ISDN feed. To be fair, so does Sirius. But, in my opinion, they need to find a lifegroup, and choose channels accordingly – and not be too aggressive in growing their overall audience.
    But that’s just me.

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