Never wear a neck-tie around a monkey

Doc Mobley shares this bit of Zen-like insight in a recent post of Your Pet’s Best Friend:

Chimp“I thought of (the advice of my former professor) when a little kitten came unglued, jumped into the air, executed a 180-degree mid-air pinwheel, and latched onto my neck-tie (I had neglected to zip my lab coat).  As the kitten swung back and forth like Tarzan, I was transported in time to hear the voice of the master: “Never wear a neck-tie around a monkey.”  Words to live by.”

Doc Mobley reports his staff suggested a re-enactment for YouTube. He declined but I think he should seriously consider a series of short (3-5 min) videos about pet care. His droll, quick wit would be perfect for this format. Ad libbed, no script. Think Marlin Perkins meets Bill Murray. These would kill!

The hang-up is time. He doesn’t have much to spare. If I still lived in Kennett I’d propose we collaborate. I’d shoot, edit and post to YouTube. He handles the monkey.

Chimps and Geeks

If you also missed the chimp ads in the Super Bowl, you can see them here. I’d pay a hundred bucks to spend the day watching those commercials being made. Nothing on god’s green earth is funnier than a chimp in a coat and tie.

Did I mention I’m all registered, booked and reserved for Gnomedex 6.0? It’s five months away and I can hardly wait. For three days I won’t have to explain or defend blogging and podcasting and RSS and all the rest. I will be be among believers. Not just believers, but those who are creating and applying these revolutionary technologies. I have no idea who the speakers will be or what they’ll be talking about. But everyone in the room will have a clue.

Monkey Joke

Some people have a weakness for porn videos. For me, it’s talking chimps. I’d love to know how this classic bit of humor (video) came to be made. Think about it… someone had to make the little costumes. Build the little set. Spend god knows how many hours shooting and re-shooting this scene. You know it had to be a tedious frustrating process. As funny as this clip is, the out-takes had be funnier.