Garageband on the iPad

I fiddled around with Garageband when I got my first MacBook but couldn’t really figure out much to do with it. Figured it was just for musicians. Today I tried out the new iPad app and discovered a completely different experience.

First, there’s something about using your fingers that just seemed so much more intuitive than a cursor. And they’ve made the iPad app for people like me who can’t read a note of music or carry a tune.

I’ve only started playing with Garageband so won’t attempt a review, they must be all over YouTube and the Apple website. But here’s my first effort.

AUDIO: Bust-A-Bean (The Coffee Zone Song)

4 thoughts on “Garageband on the iPad

  1. I thought the Dunn Bro line was one of my best.
    And the iPad app is a big leap forward for non-musicians like
    I promise you will hear more from me. Next one might be “The Web Is My Bitch”

  2. You had me right up till “Dunn Brothers done be done” ;)

    To think you did that on your iPad is amazing. I’ve tried to use GB on my Mac and I feel like a toddler trying to do Algebra.

  3. I had the same experience. And after a couple of weeks with GarageBand on the iPad, I reopened GB on my iMac and realized I might be able to use it, too. Having the iPad experience served as a gateway to being able to use the desktop version, I suspect.

    I still won’t use either one very often, probably. But boy, that iPad app is fun to play with.

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