The Social Network

A movie is going to be made about an important part of your life. Your only imput is to choose from the following:

  • A great director and screenwriter tell a a really interesting story that has people glued to their seats for 90 minutes, but bends or breaks the the truth whenever necessary to make the story interesting. And millions go to see it.
  • A so-so writer and a second-rate director make an exactly-as-it-happened movie that puts the audience to sleep and it hits cable in week 4.

Maybe it’s just the film buff in me but I’d much rather the be subject of a compelling bit of fiction, even if I came off looking like an asshole.

I really enjoyed The Social Network. I never saw an episode of The West Wing so this was my first (?) exposure to the Mr. Sorkin’s snappy diaglogue and it was sharp as a mouse turd.

I read David Kirkpatrick’s The Facebook Effect this summer (not the boook upon which the movies was based) and it showed Mark Zuckerberg in a more flattering light.

As I watched the story unfold, I found myself hoping Zuckerberg did some of the sleazy things alleged in the movie. It would be pretty shitty to have this really well-made film floating around for the rest of my life portraying stuff I didn’t do.

If Zuckerberg did get the idea for FB from the Winklevoss twins, well, they should have had a lawyer. If he screwed over his friend Eduardo… that’s a weight he’ll have to carry. But all those people on Facebook will never know or care.

UPDATE: Scott Adams calls this movie the best he’s ever seen. (!) Here’s his review.

One thought on “The Social Network

  1. Glad you liked Steve, seems like there is so many bad reviews of the movie from the geek crowd.

    I agree, if you take the movie for what it is, entertainment, and try not to pick the movie apart because of it’s inaccuracies then you’ll enjoy the movie much more. Perhaps enjoy life more.

    Sorkin has also wrote: A Few Good Men, The American President, and Charlie Wilson’s War. He is gifted and his work on The West Wing was just awesome.

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