Google Buzz Redux

I’ve been (unconsciously) dividing web stuff into two piles. Something that has a little shelf-life (to me or others), and stuff that does not.

Increasingly, the first group is being made up of things I have written or created. These usually get posted here at In the days before YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and all the rest… pretty much everything was posted here because there was nowhere else to park them. (This became very clear to me during my recent weeks-long clean-up.)

The second pile really never makes it to pile status. It’s commonly referred to as a “stream.” Bits and pieces that flow by but don’t warrant saving in the sense described above. In fact, tags and permalinks make it easy to find just about anything that drifts by.

There’s no real point to this post other than I’ve been thinking about this, so I write about it.

I’ve added Google Buzz back to my Gmail page and think I might make it the stream into which my other little tributaries flow. It really seems well-suited for this. If you’re a regular here and use Buzz as well, let me know.

I won’t abandon the blog because I have a good bit invested in it and it has more of a permanent quality to it. A place that I own and control.

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