Army changing the way it trains soldiers

The son of a co-worker (not a preacher man) shot this video for a story in the Kansas City Star about the Army’s new approach to basic training:

“A greater emphasis on stretching — then toughening “core” muscles in the torso, back and buttocks — reflects just a portion of the first formal changes to basic training in three decades.”

Long jogs and jumping jacks are out…stretching, reaching and sprinting are in. As in, how fast can you get from one side of a Baghdad steet to the other? Go!

2 thoughts on “Army changing the way it trains soldiers

  1. The NFL has been including yoga in their training programs for quite a few years. I’m glad some wise Army trainers finally decided to put emphasis on individual quickness, balance, flexibility and thus, maneuverability. Though I hate that any of these young men are put in jeopardy; we should, at the very least, be giving them every possible training and equipment advantage.

  2. my dad was shocked to learn that they allowed soldiers to wear tennis shoes during PT. Back when he was in the Army they were only allowed to wear combat boots.

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