Websites: Fast, easy, inexpensive

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from one of the guys in our Minnesota office. He wanted a website to serve the advertisers of one of our networks. Said he didn’t really have a budget and he’d like to have it by the first home game, to be played in a brand new stadium (just over a week away). They were going to have lots of photos and didn’t have a good way to share them with fans and sponsors.

I purchased a WordPress theme (from Studio Press) for $65 and paid another hundred or so to have it customized (thank you, Rebecca). Ten days later the site was up and running (still adding content, obviously).

I’ve been at this long enough to be amazed that I could give the guy a credible website for $200 in a week-and-a-half. AND because it’s WordPress, he –or one of his interns– can update this site thorughout the season. I remember when this would have taken months and cost thousands of dollars.

4 thoughts on “Websites: Fast, easy, inexpensive

  1. wordpress is so easy and fun to play with. I can’t believe that static websites ever exsisted!

    I made a wordpress site for the car lot my dad works for. Took me about 2 hours to config it and then another 2 to add content. To top it all off it looks better than anything I could have done hand coding the HTML.

  2. I’ve been a HUGE fan of StudioPress for some time and I must say, Rebecca, this is one of the nicest customizations I’ve come across.

    Steve, congrats on being so nimble and putting together a TON of value in so little time and showing it can be done on the “cheap”.

  3. I agree Steve, as well as eye catching, it has a clan and professional look to it. I recently designed a site from the ground up and the punter kept changing her mind before finally losing interest and leaving me with a messy and half finished project. Given a template, maybe she might not have “moved on” as she put it.

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