Honey, I’m home!

Yes, I am easily seduced. I admit it. I’m like a pillow, I keep the impression of the last person who sat on me. Twitter, Posterous… I love new stuff and tend to get carried away. I’ve posted her less frequently since I began dallying with these new tools. But, as Dave Winer reminds us (in a post to Robert Scoble regarding sale of FriendFeed to MySpace Facebook), I can always come home to momma.

“Our blogs are still there, as is the web and the Internet. They never went away just because we foolishly flirted with something fast and easy and seductive. Our blogs never went away, they’re still ready to share our ideas and connect us with others. We’ll go back to basics now, take what we learned from this round of innovation, and build it for real this time.”

I never got the FriendFeed bug but I can’t believe MySpace Facebook owning it is good news for users. But hey, if MS bought Yahoo! they’d probably screw up flickr, so…

The point is, my blog is mine. Nobody can buy it or mess with it. It’s my place to “write things down.”

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