Twitter spammers: No clue. No pride.

I really hate to think that spammers will be able to destroy Twitter in the same way they’ve destroyed email. Okay, maybe not destroyed but made it a pain in the ass to use. And I haven’t gotten much spam on Twitter but know it’s coming.

Here’s the latest. I know nothing about Shorty Small’s –other than they are clueless– but will, in the unlikely event I find myself in Branson, avoid it and encourage you to do the same.

They search twitter for any reference to “Branson” and then put a little commercial in your Twitter stream. In the example to the right, you’ll notice the business didn’t know (care?) that I was poking fun at Branson. BBQ spam. Yum!

2 thoughts on “Twitter spammers: No clue. No pride.

  1. I’m going to guess – because I’ve never been there – that Branson is the sort of place that’s not difficult to poke fun at? The closest equivalent here is no doubt Wisconsin Dells-just substitute waterparks for B-list celebs.

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