Do you have anything in first class?

During our brief chat this morning, my brother told me of a recent trip he and a co-worker took from one Indonesian city to another. Half-way through the 12-hour train ride, the lights went out. The crowded car was pitch black. A trip to the toilet involved trying not to step on the people who were sleeping in the aisle (or the rats and cockroaches).

On the return trip, they opted for the bus. There’s the regular bus which allows you to bring small farm animals aboard… and the “Executive” bus which does not. They chose the latter.

The most exciting part of the trip never happened. As they sat on the train, waiting for it to leave the station, two men got on, stowed their luggage, and then got off. My brother and his companion agreed they would get off the train if the men were not back on by the time it departed.

This is NOT the bus but the image his story brought to mind. He took some video and –bandwidth permitting– I’ll share it here.

One thought on “Do you have anything in first class?

  1. Terrific green screen buddy! I got to ask where you get that great stick on beard. Almost looks real.

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