Future of radio?

After a morning at the Spy Museum and the Lincoln Memorial, we grabbed a taxi back to the hotel for lunch and R&R. The driver asked if he could keep it on the station he was listening to –it was in a foreign language– because the news was on. We said sure.

When it sounded like the news was over, I asked what language was being spoken. It was an Ethiopian station out of NYC. I wondered where else he might get news about Ethiopia. And how many other people in this country have few or no sources for news from their home country.

Could this be a possible future for “terrestrial radio?” Or, perhaps it’s present. I think most big cities have stations programming for those we once referred to as “minorities.” Which, I suppose, is the only place this makes sense. Not a lot of Ethiopians in Western Kansas.

Reminds me of the days of “block programming.” One 15 minute chuck after another, each segment different from the one before and after.

If there were only some way to return radio to the people. To let them decide how their “airways” would be used.

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