We’re gonna need more boxes

The Typepad-to-WordPress migration is underway. My friend Phil managed
to get most of the 4,000+ posts ported over with images and links
intact. I’ll have to re-post photos from the last six months but that
won’t take long.


You shouldn’t expect any visible dramatic changes. Most of the good stuff is under the hood. I’ve picked a rather spartan theme and expect to do a bit of experimentation in that regard. Sort of like coming home to discover your wife has repainted the living room. Every day.

Posting here will continue to be light until we point smays.com to the new home.

One thought on “We’re gonna need more boxes

  1. Very odd coming here this morning and seeing something diffrent after the 2+ years I’ve been coming to your site.

    I enjoy playing around with Word Press it’s fun

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