Terry Heaton: “The Age of Participation”

I don’t know if I enjoy reading Terry Heaton because he’s smart or because I usually agree with him. In his latest essay he looks ahead to what he believes are the real challenges for media companies in 2009. It’s a very hope filled essay. Here are a couple of my favorite graphs:

“Whereas the Industrial Age forced the creation of powerful city states (the labor force had to be centrally located), the Information Age allows us to be where we want to be. Watch for movement to friendly, peaceful surroundings, where the locals have been smart enough to build hubs along the information superhighway. Contrarians will argue that people working from home will be isolated, but from what? What new businesses will spring up to cater to American workers in the future?

Whereas the Industrial Age brought us corporate marketing, the Age of Participation heralds the world of personal marketing and personal branding and a time of influence in expanding circles, rather than top-to-bottom. The time to gain traction in this world is today, for today’s action will determine your place in tomorrow’s culture.”

One thought on “Terry Heaton: “The Age of Participation”

  1. I particularly liked the talk about the difference between the needs of the community and the needs of the shareholders. The distribution of a single message to the lowest common denominator, designed to boost short-term gain, just isn’t going to cut it. We can all be intellectually empowered now and unless an information source provides *real utility*, we’re not likely to do business with them.

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