Generation Kill (Part One)

Watched the first installment of the new HBO mini-series, Generation Kill last night. Had very high expectations for this series because it was written and produced by the same team that gave us The Wire. I was disappointed. I thought much of the dialogue was lame. And I was bothered by what felt like ham-handed anti-war propaganda. On a deeper level, I hope it was propaganda. Because the alternative is pretty scary. I think I have to watch the entire series before forming an opinion.

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From Perhaps the acid test was last Wednesday night on the eve of HBO’s presentation to TV critics at the ongoing press tour.  The producers and cast screened part of the miniseries for several hundred Marines at the Southern California base of Camp Pendleton.

Technical adviser Eric Kocher, who served in the First Recon Battalion
and appears on screen in the miniseries, said what he heard most often
was that "the dialogue is excellent. It hits exactly the way Marines
talk, and then the atmosphere is visually what you see, what you hear
in the background. Everything is it. It hits Iraq."

Well, there you go. I think maybe I expected some kind of Band of Brothers/The Wire mash-up. Different war, different time, different part of the world.

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