The Trump Tower of Kennett, MO

Our Man in Kennett, Charles Jolliff forward this digital clip for the Kennett, MO newspaper:

"Jan McElwrath, executive director of the Kennett Chamber of Commerce, announced there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony held at 2 p.m., Monday, May 19, 2008, at the new Ely Walker Apartments. "Although I’m sad to say that Gov. Matt Blunt will be unable to attend, I’m very pleased to say that Ms. Sheryl Crow will make an appearance," McElwrath said. "So we are expecting a wonderful turnout for this event."

So, Sheryl Crow is second-choice after the governor? Uh huh.

Before being converted to posh loft apartments, the old Ely Walker building was a shirt factory. I remember walking by on a hot summer day and peering in to watch row upon row of women making shirts. No air conditioning back then and the work looked damned hot. But these were probably pretty good jobs that –like so many others– have moved off-shore. I’m sure my old hometown would like to have them back.

Let’s hope Charles is feeling fit enough to get some pix of SC holding those big scissors.

One thought on “The Trump Tower of Kennett, MO

  1. My mom worked at the “shirt factory” for at least 30 years. It (the factory) raised many a kids in Kennett. I can remember standing outside the door with the hot tamale guy waiting for my mom to come out for lunch so I could get swimming money. I worked there for about 2 months in about 1972 or 3. I was a folder….the first day I walked out and could not feel my legs from the knees down and I was only 19. Those girls who worked in that department danced all day long too keep that from happening.

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