Coppyblogger Twitter Writing Contest

Congratulations to Ron Gould, first place winner the Coppyblogger Twitter Writing Contest. His winning entry:

“Time travel works!” the note read. “However you can only travel to the past and one-way.” I recognized my own handwriting and felt a chill.

Second place honors went to Anthony Juliano:

"Tony was a snitch, so I wasn’t surprised when his torso turned up in the river. What did surprise me, though, was where they found his head."

Thelonius Monk took third place for:

"When Gibson hit that homerun in the fall of eighty-eight, my old man had never been so happy. He hugged me for the first time. I was eleven."

The challenge was to write a story in exactly 140 characters. I fear my humble submission was too… belittling? Too pissy? We’ll never know.

"To my immediate left, a hipster dwarf leaned into his urinal, cleverly achieving a haunting reverb for his "big" finish to Unchained Melody."

One thought on “Coppyblogger Twitter Writing Contest

  1. It just hit me, how much I’d love to make a short video of that moment. I think I could come up with a drawf capable of hitting that high Bobby Hatfield note… but the hipster costume would be tough.
    Hey. Michael… You could probably illustrate the moment.

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