In search of radio’s romance, longing and connection

From a speech by NAB President-CEO David Rehr at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference:

“Rehr then turned to radio, first talking about a widely reported BusinessWeek column by Jon Fine, headed “Requiem for Old-Time Radio.” Though Fine believes radio isn’t well-suited to moving its business model online, he wrote that he remembers radio with “ridiculous fondness” and recalled “huddling with it long past bedtime, the volume set low, hoping to hear something I loved.”

“Rehr said, “Ladies and gentlemen, that is romance, that’s longing, that is a connection. Listeners still want what they’ve always wanted. Technology hasn’t changed that — it has just changed the devices of delivery.”

According to Mr. Fine, Mr. Rehr missed the point of his article:

“You don’t need to huddle with a radio long after dark to hear new music; you can form that romance or connection with a hundred other things.”

One thought on “In search of radio’s romance, longing and connection

  1. Steve,
    If you want to be reminded of what radio (and tv) was all about growing up in the 60’s you MUST watch Tom Hanks’ introduction speech of the Dave Clark Five for this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction. Find it on youtube … Hanks’ speech was awesome!!! Can I get an ‘amen’???
    Matt Zeni
    Pensacola (near Destin), FL
    I’ll be at Sheryl Crow’s concert here in Pensacola next Saturday – April 26. Fly down if you and Barb want to join me. :)

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