The Poor Man’s Steadicam

SteadycamMy pal Jamie suggested I try the Poor Man’s Steadicam to bring a little stability to my video.

“The camera operator may walk (or even jog), move through tight hallways and doorways, and even climb up and down stairs without shaking the camera. Unfortunately, professional steadycams cost around $1500. Even the cheap 3rd party ones cost $600+. Not exactly a bargain considering many of us use cameras in that price range. So, I decided to make my own version. It turns out, it only costs $14. Not too bad.”


5 thoughts on “The Poor Man’s Steadicam

  1. This simple steadicam probably wasn’t designed for a walk over such rough terrain. And I certainly didn’t master the “glide” technique on my first try. I’ll keep this in my kit and give it a try under better conditions.

  2. “Good on ya” for trying but I owe you the cost of the kit. The snow clip was ever so much better than your walk in the woods. This clip made me dizzy. However, I think that with a bit of practice you can achieve a more successful result.
    On the guy says:
    “Don’t expect this thing to perform miracles, you have to practice using your arms and body to create a smooth motion…. Getting good results is not so much about the equipment, but how you use it.”
    I suggest “gliding” with it on more level ground to get a feeling for the benefit of using the steadycam. Or just take it apart and use it on your next plumbing problem.

  3. I agree with Edward. For the snow video, I was standing still and panning the camera. To try out the steadicam, I was walking throughout. Not quite sure when I will ever use the steadicam but I was curious to see the result. This afternoon I think I’ll shoot some more woods video sans steadicam. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Looks like a pretty cool device. Honestly though, I think the footage in the snow a week ago (two weeks?) without the “home made steady cam” is much better.
    Just my opinion.

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