Poor Man’s Steadicam – Take 3

My friend Jamie seems to be getting much better results from the Poor Man’s Steadicam, so I have to conclude I haven’t mastered the tool yet. In the short video above, notice how smoothly they come down the stairs and even when Jamie starts jogging, the shot remains very steady. Well done, Jamie and Anonymous Cameraman.

One thought on “Poor Man’s Steadicam – Take 3

  1. Thanks for posting. Great fun to play with this steadycam. Now if I can just get a bit more inventive (we don’t have snow for quiet walks in this part of California) I will do an interesting vid.
    The anonymous camera man is actually my brother-in-law, Tom Sylla. He’s the screenwriter and director of No Return, a suspense thriller. I did a podcast interview with him at http://www.planetnelson.com/?p=42 should anyone want to know more about him and his film(s).

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