Lee Garrett

Sometime in the 70’s I interviewed Lee Garrett on the Grapevine, a talk show we did at KBOA. If memory serves, Garrett –who was blind– was in town visiting his momma (or some relative). I recall him being a funny guy. Following the interview, I walked him out to the parking lot (where his driver was waiting) and he said that he could drive himself, but only at night.

I sure would like to know the Kennett connection. Can anyone out there help me with that?

Update 1/2/088: Anthony Buckley –Lee Garrett’s son– found his way to this post and confirms that there is still family in Kennett and Lee visits a couple of times a year.
Lee was recently out on tour with Stevie Wonder and has also co-written an album that’s been nominated for an upcoming Grammy (“Soul of a Man” Patrick Lamb performer and co-writer).

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