The First Tech President

The Personal Democracy Forum lists six requirements for the first "tech president": [via Buzz Machine]

  1. Declare the Internet a public good.
  2. Commit to providing affordable high-speed wireless Internet access nationwide, along with protecting and expanding unlicensed spectrum for public use, and make the Internet a reliable part of our infrastructure….
  3. Declare a “Net Neutrality” standard forbidding Internet service providers from discriminating among content based on origin, application or type.
  4. Instead of “No Child Left Behind,” our goal should be “Every Child Connected.”
  5. Commit to building a Connected Democracy where it becomes commonplace for local as well as national government proceedings to be heard by anyone any time and over time.
  6. Create a National Tech Corps….

(George, this is the perfect follow-up post to our three hour chat this morning.) For those of you that weren’t there, this morning’s topic was: "True or False: Sometimes We Are Better Off Not Knowing."

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