Future of TV? Live video from your cell phone to the world

“At the 2007 National Association of Broadcasters show, ComVu Media demonstrated live video transmitting at 30 fps at 640 x 480 resolution from a mobile phone over a wireless data network.

ComVu used its PocketCaster software to broadcast full screen video from a Nokia N95 multimedia device, transmitting over HSDPA data connection. Anyone using a Nokia N95 device — including field reporters — can now capture and broadcast video directly to air and concurrently stream live video to Web-portals, blogs and 3G-enabled phones. ComVu CEO William Mutual called the end-to-end solution “the future of news gathering worldwide.” — Podcasting News

If I was running a news operation, I think I might invest in one of these and see if it’s as cool as it sounds.

One thought on “Future of TV? Live video from your cell phone to the world

  1. It’s nice to know I’m still exhibiting symptoms of early-adopterhood. The Nokia N-Series telephones (aka “multimedia computers” as Nokia promotes them) are some of the finest telephones that money can buy.
    The N95 is the latest and greatest, but until its release, the all-powerful N93 was available (and in my pocket) with similar imaging, video, software, and networking capabilities. It’s a big phone, but it’s the only mobile computing device I need to carry in my pocket, and have a full complement of storytelling and communication tools at my disposal.
    I’ll have to see if my phone will run this ComVu software.

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