AP to use “citizen media”

Podcasting News reports:“The Associated Press and NowPublic.com announced Friday that they have agreed to an initiative designed to bring citizen content into AP newsgathering, and to explore ways to involve NowPublic’s on-the-ground network of news contributors in AP’s breaking news coverage.

NowPublic.com, based in Vancouver, is the world’s largest participatory news network with more than 60,000 contributors from 140 countries. The AP is the world’s largest newsgathering organization with a staff of more than 4,000 employees located in more than 240 bureaus in 97 countries.

The goal of the effort is to expand the world’s access to news as it happens, the companies said.”

A couple of years ago I suggested adding comments to the stories we post on our news websites. The reporter to whom I offered the suggestion said he really didn’t care what readers thought about his story. No shit.

We have just relaunched our news sites and have a comments feature we have yet to enable. Should we? It won’t be my call but, stay tuned.

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