“Life After Radio”

That’s what Bill Page calls his new blog. He says he’s packing it in after 20 years of radio. Got a job as a police dispatcher. I’ll bet I know a dozen radio guys that became dispatchers after leaving radio. There must be a Association of Police Dispatchers Who Were Formerly Radio Guys.

Bill would email me from time to time with updates from Kennett and the local station, which was my first and last radio home. Doesn’t sound like he was having much fun near the end.

“Anytime you have to vomit before you go to work guess that’s a warning sign that you need a change.”

Yes. Yes it is.

I think it will be difficult to sustain a blog with this theme. If Bill had asked me, I would have suggested he go with http://PoliceDispatcherBill.blogspot.com instead of http://FormerBroadcasterBill.blogspot.com. You know, in the spirit of looking ahead instead of back.

My guess is, Bill will post for a few days and then, as he gets on with his life, he’ll let it slide. But who knows. There are a million stories in the Naked Blogosphere, this has been one of them. Good luck, Bill.

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