The following images were created using the Prisma app.

I took this picture a few days ago while on a walk with my friend +Henry Domke. Curious what the Prisma app would do with it, I ran it through a few filters (below). While looking at one of the resulting images it occurred to me that someone with the necessary skills and tools could create such an image from scratch. Either digitally or in some more traditional medium. Seeing the image, one might reasonably describe it as “art.”

If that is so, when does the “art” happen, and by whom? I’m reluctant describe a common smartphone photo as art. At least not this one. So did the art happen on the Prisma servers as their secret algorithm turned my photo into something art-ish? If yes, who’s the artist? The smart kids who wrote the code? They never saw my photo so I can’t comfortably call them artists in this instance. Can some lines of code create art (or anything)? Must there be an artist before we can have art?

Prairie Garden Trust Overlook

The name really says it all: a prairie garden. In the middle of Missouri, about 20 minutes from my house. My friends Henry and Lorna manage this treasure and while I’ve taken many walks with Henry, I’ve never seen this magnificent view. Used irresponsibly, drones can be a pain in the ass. But they’re here to stay and we’ll be seeing our world differently from now on.

Tree house tea house

Takasugi-an, a tea house in Chino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The angle makes this look a little more perilous than it is. But still, you gotta really want some privacy to go up there for a cup of tea.

I love tree houses (but who doesn’t) and look forward to the next Tree Houe Project on the Prairie Garden Trust (next spring I am told).┬áCheck out more photos of the tea house.

Too busy to post

Spent most of Saturday morning at the Coffee Zone with George, Tom and assorted pals, while George migrated files from the old Mac Book to the new one. There are Windows utils that will copy a lot of your stuff from one PC to another, but then you have to go back and reinstall all the apps, one at at time. Yes, I know there are ways to avoid this but not for Joe the Dumbass (me).

My my first hands-on impressions of the new Mac Book Pro are extremely positive. Too soon for me to try to share much here but once I stop stroking the case, I noticed the new multi-touch pad is amazing. WAY better than even the most tricked out mouse. I’ll show you when I know enough to do so.

And the new NVIDIA graphic cards make everything damned fast and beautiful.

From the Coffee Zone it was out to the Prairie Garden Trust to work with Henry on a little video project. We’ll post it here when it’s done (assuming it doesn’t suck, in which case you’ll never hear another word about it). We had a beautiful fall day for.

So no post on Saturday. A rarity. Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging.

Tree House Magic

A tree house is a frivolous thing. No practical value (unless you’re living in the African bush). But if you can recall that childhood rush of climbing to the top of a tree for absolutely no reason other than the joy of doing it, you can appreciate what brings four good friends (and friends of) together every year to re-experience that feeling.

Tree House III (this is the third year of the project) is in the middle of the Prairie GardenTrust, which is managed by my friend Henry. He invited me to to come and be part of TH3 this weekend, which was perfect in every way.

The project was well-blogged (with minimal help from me) with iPhones, cameras and MacBooks everywhere you looked.

We finished the day yesterday by climbing up to the third level (about 30 feet up) to enjoy the view and reflect on project.