DSL Repair

phoneguyBeen having problems with my DSL service (losing connection, slow speed) and the phone company sent a tech this morning. (Second time someone has been out in the last week or so) He could see there was a problem with the line, somewhere upstream, and — to save time — called the tech who came out previously since it was recent enough he might remember the call. He did and provide useful info.

I asked Mike (the tech who came out this morning) if he could access records from the previous call. From his reply I gathered only the barest minimum of information is recorded. Not surprising because who wants to write up a report once the problem is fixed.

But would it really be that difficult? Take out your smartphone, dictate brief summary of the call, save it as PDF and upload it to the company cloud where it can be accessed by the next service tech if needed. And by the customer.

My physician does this routinely. Within 24 hours of a visit. It’s readily available, along with my lab and test results.