Self-Driving Cars

YouTube is going to need a thousand more servers for all the “Look, ma! No hands!” videos once self-driving vehicles become a reality. By some estimates, there will be 10 million self-driving cars by 2020. Shit, if it’s only _half_ that many.

You know the first thing a new owner is gonna do is record video while the car drives itself down the road. People will be eating and drinking (and fucking? Porn.hub gonna need more servers, too).

I’ve seen some amazing technology come along in my 68 years (moon landings, internet, Roombas) but none seem quite as impossible as self-driving cars. If these actually happen, the timing is almost perfect for me. With any luck at all, this tech will be ho-hum by the time I need it.

I am having a little trouble imagining how these vehicles will manage our steep hill when it’s covered in snow and ice but some really smart women and men (with slide rules have thought of that)

As for those “Look, ma!” videos… they’ll get boring soon enough and disappear, replaced by The Next Big Thing.