Learfield affiliate conference call

In 1984 I went to work for Learfield Communications. At that time the company operated state and regional radio networks and had recently switched from delivering that audio programming by satellite (from land lines). Among other responsibilities, I did affiliate relations which meant keeping our affiliate radio stations happy. One of the big technical challenges in those early days was the quality of our satellite audio feeds. Really bad with some of our networks. In an effort to address these concerns I set up a closed circuit conference call — sometime in the late ‘80s — during which engineers from our affiliate stations could call in and ask questions of our technical staff. Kent Malinowski was head of our satellite division (Mark Lucas and Cathy Zeiler worked with him); and Charlie Peters, Learfield’s chief engineer)

I’m archiving the audio of this call here for posterity. No idea who might ever listen to this bit of Learfield history (or why).

Part 1-30 min

Part 2-23 min

Part 1 (30 min) – Part 2 (30 min) [It might be necessary to download these mp3 files before listening]