Americans Elect 2012

From their website:

“Now you can participate in the first direct presidential nomination process, ever.

Americans Elect technology makes it possible for you to decide the issues, shape the debate, choose candidates and nominate the president in 2012.

Start by building your profile and identifying your colors, not just red or blue, but your true colors. The more you define your views, the more unique and vivid your palate will become. Maybe you’re light purple. Maybe you’re turquoise. Maybe you’re lime green. Choose where you stand on each of the issues and find out.

But don’t stop there because Americans Elect is just getting started. Soon you’ll be able to join discussion groups, connect with others and share the topics you care about most. You’ll also have the option to search a variety of candidates to find someone who matches your values, preferences and goals for the country. You might only be a 40% match with your neighbors or a 55% match with your state, but wouldn’t you want to match close to a 100% with your president?

And at the end of the day, Americans Elect is made up of you and other delegates. There is no special interest and no partisanship. We’re bringing the nominating process into the 21st century, to put the candidate you choose on the ballot in 2012.”

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