The end of wallets

I’m not a wallet guy. I rarely have it with me and keep no more than the bare minimum in when I do. Health plan card from work; auto insurance car; voter registration card, etc. No money.

Today I scanned a couple of cards and dropped them into GoodReader on the iPhone. Probably wouldn’t satisfy a trooper or the lady at the doctor’s office (even though all she does is photocopy the health plan card), but better than nothing and the info is there.

I think the days of carrying around little pieces of plastic are just about over. Already over in more technically sophisticated countries.

4 thoughts on “The end of wallets

  1. Just make sure your app has a backup feature or you may not have your ‘stuff’ when you need it.

    The wife and I used CardScan and got rid of all of our membership cards that (some people) keep on your keychain or in a wallet or purse. Works great and several vendors (Babies R Us, CVS etc.) can scan the barcode right from your phone.

    But when my iPhone slowed down after the ios 4.0 update I wiped it clean and reloaded. Phone got faster…lost all my cards and had to re-enter them.

    Good times.

  2. Where do you consider more technically sophisticated than the USA. Not us lot, where we still like to put the pig on the wall to watch the band go by (local saying).

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