The world is not flat?

Until the fifteen hundreds, people knew the earth was flat. But it wasn’t. Everyone was wrong. It probably took a long time for that new reality to sink in. A life time, perhaps? Makes a boy wonder if there are things I believe —I’m talking about the most fundamental things here— that are just wrong. Like, the sun does NOT circle the earth.

How do you wrap your mind around something like that? Your senses tell you one thing, but the reality is something different. Will there be something as jolting as “the earth is round, not flat” in my lifetime? How will I deal with it? Many would —I believe— choose denial. “It’s just not so. Uh uh, no way.”

If I’m just flat out wrong about some fundamental belief, do I want to know the truth. Remember, we’re talking the-world-aint-flat kind of truth here.

I do. As painful and unsettling as it would surely be, I want to know. And then I’ll try to keep it to myself.

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