Life should be as easy as a Mac

I long ago lost track of how many computers I have owned. During the latter Windows days, I would by a new computer rather than go through the hell of trying to upgrade the operating system. It was just easier to buy a new box with the new OS already installed. But in every instance, it was necessary to re-install all of my applications and move my data over.

Our IT guys have assorted utilities for making “ghost images” and simplifying the process, but it has always been a pain ion the ass for me. Before I switched to Mac.

13" MacBook ProMy new 13″ MacBook Pro arrived yesterday. I set it next to the 15″ MBP I’ve been using for the last year… connected them with a FireWire cable… and then just followed a few simple steps on the new laptop. And then I went to lunch.

When I returned, all of my apps, all of my data, and all of my settings had been copied over to the new computer. Done. I really can’t imagine how it could have been any easier.

The 13″ is about a pound lighter and you notice the difference immediately. (I keep the thing with me at all times) The smaller form factor forced Apple to move the little speakers and –although I don’t see them– the sound is as good as the larger laptop.

I doubt I’ll see the upper-end 7 hours of battery life but hope to get four, which would be a big improvement.

Last night Barb asked, “Tell me again why you got a new computer?”

“Because I’m a good boy,” I replied.

3 thoughts on “Life should be as easy as a Mac

  1. if being a good boy ment I could get a new laptop then I’d have a Mac. You must have more mojo than I sir.

    I just upgraded to Windows 7 and the steps were a bit more involved then your migration to a new Mac:

    1. Make sure data is backed up
    2. Pray to computer gods that all the data was backed up
    3. Make sure I have all the drivers I need
    4. Cross my fingers and scrafice a small animal
    5. Format the drive
    6. install 7
    7. install drivers
    8. install apps
    9. re do data

    Yeah Macs are still better!

  2. Yea, the Macs ability to cleanly migrate evertyhing is really bad for my consulting business. Mac Users don’t need the IT support each time they change machines. Thank god for Windows 7 as I will likely stay very busy with that.

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