One never has enough clever people

I don’t think of myself as clever but it is something to which one might aspire. This article at identifies the attributes of clever and why organizations need such folk:

“The truth is that organizations need a particular kind of clever employees — people with a propensity for innovation and even iconoclasm. People who happily tread on organizational sacred ground while seeking new ways to produce sustained economic growth.

Clever people are highly talented individuals who have the potential to create disproportionate amounts of value from the resources that an organization makes available to them.”

And how does one spot a clever boy or girl?

  • They know their worth (their skills are not easily replicated).
  • They ask difficult questions.
  • They are organizationally savvy.
  • They are not impressed by corporate hierarchy.
  • They expect instant access to decision makers.
  • They are well connected outside of their organizations.
  • Their passion is for what they do, not for who they work for.
  • Even if you lead them well, they won’t thank you.

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