Local bank phished. Again.

I received this text message last night. It never occurred to me it was anything but a scam. You call the number and some social engineer asks you for all kinds of questions about your accounts. And, yes, some number of clueless folks apparently called the number. The waitress at the Towne Grill said it was the lead story on the local radio station this morning.

I’d kind of like to know how they got my mobile number. Probably not that difficult. This same bank got hit by an email phishing scam a year or so back.

One thought on “Local bank phished. Again.

  1. I think Central Bank is just such a common bank around here. People that don’t even bank with Central Bank got the text.

    If I had to guess how they did it is figure out what the cell phone prefixes for Jeff City are and call each number on it from xxx-0000 to xxx-9999

    It’s one of those things that’s pretty whitty/scary social engineering. This is why banks shouldn’t have mobile alerts setup, ever.

    I think about the eldery people who don’t have texts blocked but still know how to read them.

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