Texting around the world

Okay, I’m still in the ooh and aah stage with the iPhone. And I’m playing with texting as alternative to email and voice calls. My brother and his family are back home in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia, and it turns out we can text back and forth.

Yeah, I know I’ll probably get some huge-ass bill at the end of the month but if this is part of my 200 text messages, it’s pretty cool. A great way to stay closer.

One thought on “Texting around the world

  1. It’s the only way my brother (who lives in L.A.) and I talk. He’s a big texter and would rather text than talk on the phone. As I don’t like talking on the phone I text him. Texting is a great way to stay in touch.
    Now the iPhone just needs a Skype app….yeah I know that’ll never happen!

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