Lost camera

Hotel where the MO Dem's had their party reports no found cameras but promised to call. Perhaps it fell out on the cab ride home. Whatever, I really don't feel bad about losing the camera, I have more. But it's a shame the video will never be shared. Nothing earth shattering but man that guy could dance.

If I ever find someone's camera with stills or video on it, you can bet I'll post to flickr and YouTube. Be nice if someone does that with mine. Beyond that, I like to imagine someone taking a great photo or capturing some amazing video with the little Casio. I posted on this somewhere up stream. Finding a camera and trying to solve some mystery using only the images it contains. If anyone stumbles across that post, send me a link.

This reminds me that the camera is a passive thing. Being in the right place, in the right hands, at the right time… that's what makes a great photograph.

And haven't people left cameras in public places with instructions to take some photos and then leave the camera for someone else in a different location? But that would only be fun if the photos were shared. So, if the person who found the Casio Exilim on the evening of January 18, 2009, in Washington D.C. is reading this. Enjoy the camera. Keep it or pass it along to someone else. But post the pix and video online where we all have a chance of find it. Tag the files with "smays.com"

One thought on “Lost camera

  1. Keep up the good work Steve. Hopefully someone will find your video camera, and do
    as you wish with the video. Keep posting for us in the bootheel. We’ll keep watching your website for updates. History in the making, keep that in the back of your mind bud.
    Charles and Phyllis

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