Inauguration pix

I’m not having any luck uploading inauguration photos to flickr. Think there might be thousands of folks trying to do the same thing all at once? I’ll get ours posted eventually but here are a few to tide you over. Starting with Barb in front of the Capitol on Sunday…


…and this lovely shot of in the wee hours of Tuesday.


And, finally, one of my favorites. Barb asked this Marine soldier if she could take his photo and he graciously said yes. At the last minute she ordered me to get in the picture. I can’t remember why I grabbed his arm and we’ll never know what he thought about it.


3 thoughts on “Inauguration pix

  1. Steve – Thanks for the inauguration coverage; even for a crazy right-winger like me, I enjoyed your play by play. Glad you guys had a good time.
    Two observations; the Obama tobaggan (stocking cap, watch cap, whatever) would make a really cool Fez… You should get your Fez-O-Rama buddies on that project…
    Secondly, the bottom picture is actually a soldier rather than a Marine. Those are Army dress blues. Still a cool picture, though.
    Keep up the entertaining work!

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