Inaugural ball: “Like a massive high school prom”

Latest inauguration horror story (AP):

“Thousands of people converged on the coat check from three balls at the Omni Shoreham hotel. Fur flew, and not always to the rightful owners. Judges, politicians and assorted bigwigs rushed the coatroom and banged on the door.

“It was a mass of finely clothed and jeweled individuals starting to chant ‘We want our coats! We want our coats!'” said Martin, a Washington-area voiceover performer. “There were elderly women in this crowd, and they weren’t going down without a fight.”

Police were called, and the mob was sent out in the freezing cold, coatless.

“It’s like a massive high school prom, is the only way I can describe it, in terms of the crush of people and the level of sophistication,” said Sheila Tate, who was press secretary to Nancy Reagan. “It’s just packed.

The rest of the story describes the kind of situations I have spent my adult life avoiding. Should be some good photo/video ops.

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