3 thoughts on “Crowbama

  1. I think Janice’s comment pertains to this post: http://www.smays.com/default/2006/11/john_mayer_on_s.html
    It was too damned cold to be in a bikini or underwear at the Inauguration performance. But I’ll respond here.
    Mee-OWW! Let’s take Janice’s points by the numbers:
    1. I happen to know SC’s momma and daddy are just fine with their daughter’s professional deportment. Gotta ask, Janice… you Amish by any chance?
    2. Yes, that IS a bikini. If you’ve been buying those Big Mamma undies at Sears, I can understand your confusion, but…
    3. Shery’s figure isn’t good enough to show off? Now I know you’re shitting me. Christ, she’s 45 years old and looks great. Afraid we’re gonna have to see a photo of Janice before we can make a final ruling.
    4. Not secure about her other talents? Read my lips, Janice: Gram-my. Many Grammies.
    5. I believe Sheryl Crow has several homes.
    Gotta wonder how you found your way to this post, J. Googling Sheryl Crow?
    Don’t forget… the Self-esteem workshop meets in the church basement, every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

  2. I wonder how SC’s parents feel about their daughter jumping around on stage in ugly underwear (that was no bikini) with John Mayer performing. And her figure really isn’t good enough to show off – sags, and no curves. I’ve always felt that if anyone has to show skin to try to get attention – they must not feel secure about their other talents…or they just haven’t grown up yet. Does Sheryl Crow still live at home? That would explain the pathetic skin show as an effort to rebel against her folks!

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