9 thoughts on “Caption contest

  1. “In the unlikely event of a water landing (not so unlikely now, huh?), you blow in here and your pants fill with air…like so.”

  2. These are available for passengers who may be seated next to a big sweaty guy. I’m lookin’ at you, 13E.

  3. In the event of a rapid descent, oxygen masks will be available to those passengers who wish to purchase one for $15. Your cabin attendant will be passing through the airplance to collect your money at that time.

  4. Any passengers who are unable to hold this mask to their face while simultaneously rubbing the top of their head will be assessed an additional twenty dollars on the cost of their ticket.

  5. And with the other end of the tube attached to the nitrous oxide, this ride’ll be over in no time!!

  6. “Continued airline cutbacks have forced us at United to do away with barf bags. However allow me to introduce the sleeker, more-compact barf cup! Complete with turbulence strap!”

  7. “…to listen, or not to listen, blah-blah-blah…oh, look, McNabb and the Eagles have moved on in the playoffs…(ka-Boom!)…what was that noise?”
    Photo taken moments before Flight 1549’s icy plunge into the Hudson River.

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