Tripping over books

Barb and I love our home. It fits the way we live perfectly. We seldom entertain so the place usually has what I think of as a “warm clutter.” You’re likely to find more than one pair of shoes on the floor and the stairs always has some of my pocket junk on it (keys, checkbook, etc)

And books. Lots of books. Barb and I both love to read and there are books scattered from one room to the next. The walls of my office (upstairs) are lined with bookshelves and a couple of times  a year I try to get organized. But, like the dogs, the books are part of our lives and I don’t mind having them close at hand.

I like audio books well enough but prefer the real thing. The weight, the feel, the smell. I think I sleep more soundly with a good book on my chest.

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