Chestnuts exploading in a loved one’s eye

DALLAS, TX: Becky is making her mother’s chestnut stuffing recipe.  She had Chris scoring the chestnuts before roasting (actually baking).  Chris cut his thumb (as it turns out not seriously).  Then Becky over roasts the chestnuts so when she takes them out of the oven, one explodes into her eye while she’s holding the hot pan (no permanent damage to the eye).  I tried to take the pan from her but the rag I have doesn’t completely cover the pan, so I burned my finger. My finger still hurts.  This better be good dressing is all I can say.  We miss you here. — Barb

Henry and Lorna invited me to join them and their family for dinner. All the TG basics, topped of with Lorna’s special pecan-with-just-a-little-rum pie. Yum. It was a very pro-Obama crowd so there were toasts to the new president. Sammy and Pete were clearly thankful to be part of the Domke family. Here’s Petey in post-dinner repose.

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