Not that there’s anything wrong Vista

KingmacI think Jerry Seinfeld is damned funny. And smart. He’s probably a good choice for Microsoft’s $300 million ad campaign ("Windows, Not Walls") for Vista. Jerry is reportedly getting $10 million for the gig. If they let him write the ads, they might pull it off. I don’t have to use Vista (Praise be to Allah!) but I don’t hear good things about it.

I bring this up because I just checked out the latest series of Get A Mac ads. Throne, Off the Air and Pizza Box. Snap!

Here’s something I’ve wondered… you’ve got Mac fan boys like me posting their love for all things Apple. Are there bloggers out there singing the praises of Vista? Drop a link in the comments.

One thought on “Not that there’s anything wrong Vista

  1. I actually just posted some semi-positive comments about Vista on my blog. I understand there are people who’ve experienced issues with it, but I have four machines in constant use in my studio and house… and have never had the first problem. Rebooting is a thing of the past, unlike with older bretheren XP and pre-XP, and it’s very stable. Drivers are widely available today.
    I think Apple’s the bomb, I’m giving strong consideration to getting a Mac just to experience it for myself, and it may be true that I’ll never go back… but for now, I’m having no trouble with Vista.
    Now my Apple iPhone – that’s another story. I have a big problem with the way Apple’s handling the iPhone fiasco and I’m pretty tired of dropped calls…
    A lot has been said about Seinfeld’s coolness factor. (mostly that it doesn’t exist) I beg to differ, but as always, the audience will decide. It’ll be hard to counter the Mac vs. PC commercials, no doubt!

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