In search of the Universal Remote

It takes two remotes to control either of our two TV sets. I gave up on universal remotes years ago. They were a bitch to program and never really worked after you did.

But I’m giving it one more try on the strength of a recommendation by George. The Harmony Remote by Logitech interfaces with your computer via USB. You hit the Harmony website to identify all of your components (by model number). The Harmony is programmed accordingly. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “In search of the Universal Remote

  1. Bravo on choosing the Harmony Remote. We have two in our household and are able to control EVERYTHING. The activity-oriented interface “Mash this button to watch TV, this button to watch a movie” is a brilliant way to sidestep the ordinary mess of low-level function buttons that come standard on every other remote. An excellent product.

  2. I’ve heard good things about the Harmony. I hope it works for you, can’t wait to read your review.

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