“Fooled, and used, and a lot of people died.”

Bush and Paulson say the proposed bailout plan is the only way to save our economy. The only way. Okay, Dave Winer is willing to support the plan on the following conditions:

Disneychickenlittleskyfalling“Bush and Cheney must resign immediately. No immunity, no pardons. Nancy Pelosi will become President, promising not to run for re-election on November 4. Her term will be one of the shortest in US history, just long enough to enact the provisions of the bill being proposed by the Republican administration. If it really is the best thing for the country and not a trick, then the Republicans, being impressed by the seriousness of it, would have to insist that Bush step aside and let the Democrats execute the plan. The entire Bush cabinet stays in office through January 20, but reports, of course to Pelosi. And that includes Paulson.”

It’s pretty simple. If they won’t do it, we know they’re bluffing.

One thought on ““Fooled, and used, and a lot of people died.”

  1. There is really no need for Dave Winer to set up a complicated semantic trap to discover the fascists are scrambling to disperse the remainder of our treasury to their rich friends before they are ejected from office by crowds with torches and pitchforks. It’s really a very simple test; I knew they were lying, because they are still drawing breath.

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