Death by manure spreader

I came across a story submitted to one of our networks yesterday, about an 81-year-old man was killed when he became in the manure spreader he was operating. This just struck me as a bad way to go.

Which started me thinking about “good” ways and “bad” ways. When was the last time you heard or read a story about someone dying in their sleep? Okay, that probably isn’t much of story.

Or about some old guy dying in flagrante delicto, which I think means “in the saddle.” I assume those stories are hard to report. And the deceased is usually found alone in a hotel room with his shoes on the wrong feet.

While there are few “good” ways to go, some are just a damn site worse than others. So I’ve set up a little blog where we can post these stores and be glad they weren’t about us.

If you spot one of these, please send them my way (Steve Mays at with “Bad Way” in the subject line. Let me know if I can use your name.

I’ve registered but it isn’t hot yet.

One thought on “Death by manure spreader

  1. Bad-way-to-go/good-way-to go is so subjective and we can never ask the deceased. Many consider “flagrante” a good way to go. Manure spreader has a “back to the earth” element that might appeal to an 81-year-old farmer. Bad for the survivors, of course.

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